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Dubai Mainland

Dubai Mainland

In the past few decades Dubai has emerged as the business hub of the Middle East. Situated at the strategic north-eastern region of the UAE Dubai has marked itself as one of the fastest-growing economies of the world with real estate, tourism, trade, and financial services contributing extensively to its GDP. It has attained the reputation of being the biggest trading hub in the U.A.E. and it is mainly due to the availability of outstanding business locations and a business friendly environment― ease of setting up businesses, supportive operating conditions, asset protection, limited liability, utmost privacy and large tax exemptions..

    The factors behind such interest are :

    Ease of Doing Business Setting up a new business in any part of the U.A.E is easy and straightforward. Perhaps, this is the reason why U.A.E has been able to earn the 16th place on the Ease of Doing Business rankings given by the World Bank. If an entrepreneur has got all the required documents approved, then setting up a business in Dubai doesn’t take more than a week. These free zones permit complete foreign ownership, complete repatriation of profits earned in the course of business, and attractive tax exemptions. The overall life in Dubai is comfortable. It hosts a large number of foreign residents belonging to various cultural backgrounds and it makes Dubai one of the most diversified cities in the world. Leading the world in real estate, housing facilities, educational institutions, and recreational activities, Dubai is one of the most preferred location to live, matched with its low crime rates in the world.
UAE Freezones

UAE Freezones

The difference between an “Establishment” and a “Company” lies in the required number of shareholders. While an “Establishment” is a single-shareholder who could either be a person or even a company, a “Company” is a registered Limited Liability Company and requires 2 or more shareholders. In terms of operational benefits, both offer the same benefits. Dubai, being the financial hub of the U.A.E offers more than 30 Free Zones that have become points of international trade with non-Emiratis setting up businesses in Dubai with 100% foreign ownership..

    The major Free Zones within Dubai are :

    Dubai Airport Free Zone
    Dubai Design District
    Dubai Healthcare City
    Dubai International Academic City
    Dubai Internet City
    Dubai International Financial Centre
    Dubai Knowledge Village
    Dubai Media City
    Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
    Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
    Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)
    International Media Production Zone
    Jebel Ali Free Zone
    Dubai Production City
    Dubai World Central
    Dubai Studio City
New Company Formation

New Company

There is certainly a large number of companies that offer Business Set-Up services to entrepreneurs and investors in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE but we, at QuickInvest Consultancy can proudly say that we are different in the way that we not just provide a wide range of services Ours is a team of professionals and experts who have collective expertise in providing high end inclusive business set-up services in Dubai and other parts of UAE.
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
PRO services

PRO services

PRO services are basically the process of getting professional document cleared and authorized by the government of the United Arab Emirates. The government of the UAE provides PRO services in regard to some relevant documents that are essential for setting up a business in the UAE.Anyone who is unaware of the various steps involved in setting up a company in Dubai or other parts of the UAE can benefit from these services. The Public Relationship Officer (PRO) assists the applicants by getting through the Department of Economic Development (DED), Visa and Immigration Department, Chamber of Commerce and other industrial requirements.
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
Local Sponsorship

Local Sponsorship

Dubai is home to more than thousands of expats, perhaps, it is also the location where most international businessmen prefer to set up their companies.Every company in the mainland that comes under commercial or industrial licenses may only have 49% ownership by an expatriate. The law states that a local sponsor in UAE is required to own the remaining 51% of the share.
  • Location: Dubai, UAE